Again, Finn doesn't appear in the episode, but Rachel still thinks about him. Finn then yells at her for making Will leave the club after what she said about his choreography. After Santana leaves, Rachel shows off her dress to Finn, who says she looks amazing. He says that when she sings, he can feel it. When Rachel, Mercedes & Tina say they are joining the football team, Finn looks impressed. In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind. In The Rhodes Not Taken, Finn takes advantage of Rachel's feelings for him and goes on a date with her to try and convince her to come back to the Glee Club so that he can win a scholarship for college and take care of Quinn and the baby. In a flashback scene, Finn is seen making out with Quinn in her bed, giving Quinn a hickey. Finn is uncomfortable with the fact that he has to perform in his underwear because he is insecure about his body. To support him she says he (Rory) is magical. Rachel is clearly emotional and stands besides and confronts Finn as he is also clearly hurt. After Carole and Burt exchange some words, Finn looks back at Rachel, who sheds a tear and shares a smile with him. Then, she says "a kiss for the winner" and kisses his cheek. In Original Song, Rachel has tried her hand at songwriting again. Also during this episode, Finn whispers a comment to Rachel during Rumour Has It/Someone Like You that, combined with his earlier actions prompts Santana to slap him. In a move that disturbs Rachel herself, the girls take the same drug, giving a wildly energetic performance of Halo/Walking on Sunshine. She calls him the hottest guy in school. Glee: Ryan Murphy Reveals Original Series Ending for Finn and Rachel After star Cory Monteith's tragic death, the Fox series' creator said he had to "figure" out how to end … Jesse is actually pretending to be with Rachel just to break up with her at the end so Rachel would not have the courage to perform at Regionals. They also dance together during Last Friday Night. However, when Rachel is talking to Kurt, she mentions that Finn sends her cute texts like puns about her boobs and he is always trying to get into her pants, like a typical 18-year-old boy. While Finn tries to persuade Sam to sing with Quinn, Sam says Finn must still have feelings for Quinn. This makes Finn so mad, that he breaks up with her. This causes Finn to beat up Puck, dump Quinn, and quit glee, furious at everyone in glee for not telling him (as everyone except him and Rachel had known beforehand). When the date with Brittany and Santana doesn't go well for Finn, he sees what Rachel meant earlier with her speech, and he goes back to Rachel, telling her he wants them to be a real couple now. They continue to sing Light Up the World as if nothing happened. As Prom continues, Jesse and Rachel are dancing while Jesse is nuzzling her neck. The song is about loving someone always, no matter what. Later, Finn and Rachel are talking by the lockers, and Finn tells Rachel again that she's really unique. This leads to them sharing their first kiss, which unfortunately gets Finn overexcited, and he prematurely ejaculates. Once again, their relationship is rekindled for the third time when Finn kisses Rachel in New York. They are the first couple to have been said to be endgame (by Finn actually) on the show. During The End of Twerk, Rachel secretly gets a "Finn" tattoo on her hip to remember Finn. Finn and Rachel kiss and walk down the school hall for the last time together in the hold. Finn then goes to meet Rachel in the auditorium where they have a sweet conversation with Rachel singing How Deep Is Your Love followed by a kiss. (The Purple Piano Project) As time goes on, Brody and Rachel's relationship strengthens, Brody able to admit his crush for Rachel but Rachel, still remembering Finn. In Season One, Rachel started off without Finn. Glee Characters Trivia Questions & Answers Emma then advises Rachel to storm out of the room. When Jesse comes up to them both, he declines the sing off and says "I'll do my best to stay away from your girl" and as he does so he looks straight at Rachel. Asked by Wiki User. He goes out on a date with her, which leads to their second kiss. While helping Finn practice his singing, Rachel puts together a very over-the-top, but nonetheless romantic picnic for them to enjoy. Finn comes up with an idea where they would sing an offensive song, so they sing With You I'm Born Again. He says, "All you wanted is for us to be together and I'm practically begging to be with you and suddenly you're not interested." After Sunshine, unable to trust Rachel, joins Vocal Adrenaline instead of New Directions, everyone in the Glee Club is mad at her; but Finn tries to talk to her. As perhaps the first mainstream teen show to combine real-life issues with copious amounts of pop-music and theatre, it certainly found its own niche. Brody gets up behind Rachel as he watches the two. Rachel obviously doesn't buy it but goes along with it anyways. Their wedding is canceled when they receive the news about Quinn getting in a car accident while on her way to the wedding. Mark Salling lied in his audition and said he was 19 years old when he was really 26. What About Mercedes. newspaper archive. Rachel speaks about her first love letter from a guy named Tony at the age of 8, she says she grammatically corrected the letter and the spelling errors and Brody laughs, Rachel explaining she never told anyone, not even Finn. Rachel has the gay pride flag in her locker and a picture of her with her dads, while Finn has shown support for his stepbrother Kurt, who is one of the open LGBT characters on the show. He also states that he had meant what he said about wanting her to come back to Glee Club and claimed that their kiss together was real. In Dance with Somebody, there isn't shown much of their relationship but during Saving All My Love For You, they cuddle lovingly. While Rachel eventually went on to sing on Broadway, and marry Jesse (Jonathan Groff), viewers were eager to see how she should have concluded her … He replies, "I never thought you would make me feel like this," and she starts crying. Also, in Opening Night, Finn is mentioned throughout the episode and even makes a special appearance when Rachel sings Who Are You Now. In loveGood FriendsEx-FiancésSexual Brody then looks at the name and says that Rachel still loves Finn and that he should give her space. Finn and Rachel also dance together during Paradise By The Dashboard Light in which they hold hands numerous times throughout the performance. Patti tells Rachel that Finn is very cute. And during Cry, Rachel is seen crying heavily in Finn's arms, while Finn is so obviously trying to stay strong and not cry. Brody comments that he had a girlfriend when he first started NYADA but they only lasted 6 weeks. The scene then changes to the graduating Glee Club students walking down the hall together in their gowns. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. and high fives Mike. They are also seen dancing happily together during Last Friday Night. He's shown to be holding and comforting her as she cries at the end of the episode. Rachel then smiles shyly, and then they see Quinn walk out of Sam's motel room and hug Sam. However, Finn stops at the train station so Rachel can go to New York. They return to the hotel and have sex. She tells him she's decided that she's not going to choose between her career and love because they are combined - Broadway. Finn goes first, and does not get into PACE. She tells Finn the truth. Finn asks the glee guys if it was cool if he and Rachel sang a duet for Nationals, which they are perfectly fine with. At the end of the episode, Rachel suggests to Mr. Schue that they write an original song to perform at Regionals. It came with it's own cape, right Rachel?" Glee revolved around the relationship between Rachel… Before her audition, he brings her flowers to wish her luck. In Saturday Night Glee-ver, Rachel makes up with Finn and sings How Deep Is Your Love to him. In Saturday Night Glee-ver, Rachel makes up with Finn and sings How Deep Is Your Love to him. (Big Brother), While Santana is singing If I Can't Have You Finn and Rachel are seen giving each other loving looks, implying they miss each other. Speaking out on Reddit, one fan spoke of an ending to the story which was supposedly planned from the beginning. Rachel follows her to the bathroom and tries to comfort her, but Quinn blames Rachel for losing saying that nobody would ever have voted for her because they know he (Finn) would rather be with Rachel, proving that Quinn is actually aware that Finn still loves Rachel. (The Sue Sylvester Shuffle), Finn begins rekindling his romance with Quinn. In the episode, Makeover, Rachel goes through a makeover and changes her ways, her appearance and she and Brody's relationship grows further. Rachel is made over and changes and she and Brody's relationship increases. The fight is broken up and both of them are kicked out of the Prom. He holds her hand and sits down with her while other groups perform. However, one of the largest hurdles the show had to cope with was the tragic death of Cory Monteith who played lead role Finn Hudson. Later, Rachel's dads invite Finn and his family over to their house for dinner. In I Do, Finn is trying desperately to get Rachel back, by having intimate moments with her. He replies that he doesn't know, but Rachel answers her own question for him; because you forgive your first love every time. They look very in love while in the glee club. However, despite Finn's encouragements after her performance, Rachel feels that Mercedes outperformed her. As Finn was not drinking, he describes how she is a "needy drunk," and that he's not into it. Finn responds by telling her that he still cares about her. Sue comes up with an idea to force Rachel to quit the Glee Club and ruin their chances at Regionals by getting Brittany and Santana to seduce Finn away from Rachel. He calls her his moose and Rachel tells Finn that it's muse, but Finn wanted to see her smile. She decides to use this as her song writing inspiration. After Season Four concluded and before Season Five began, the actor who played Finn, Cory Monteith, sadly died. A relationship might be good for Rachel. (The Rocky Horror Glee Show), There is a scene of Finn and Rachel making out in the beginning of this episode, though it is just a flashback. Finchel In A Night of Neglect, Finn and Quinn are together, but as Rachel walks away after agreeing to see to Mercedes' demands, Finn holds his smile, which does not go unnoticed by Quinn. Cory Monteith. After singing I Just Can't Stop Loving You together, Rachel accepts Finn's proposal. She tries to kiss him, but he "officially" breaks up with her, as he's not ready to forgive her. She asked him how he felt when he kissed Quinn, and he replies, saying that he saw fireworks. In Thanksgiving, when Quinn mentions Rachel, Finn's face falls. The big problem about her feelings towards him is that he is dating her nemesis, Quinn Fabray. Finn's first real interaction with Rachel was during Glee Club rehearsals when he was forced to join Glee Club by Mr. Schue after the drugs Will acquired from Sandy were planted in Finn's locker by Will, blackmailing him. Rachel wins as a write-in candidate, though in reality, Santana and Quinn faked the vote. He also says he "liked the Rachel he saw in there today" and thinks, "she's (Rachel) making a comeback." He admits that it was wrong to lie to her, but claims that that isn't the reason she's angry: He thinks she's angry because Finn lost his virginity to Santana. However, she realized that she was ready to lose her virginity because she is in love with him, and they finally have sex. Still disbelieving that he is too late and finding it suspicious that the lead of their rival school for Regionals asked Rachel out, he goes and tells the Glee Club about their romance. A tribute episode was aired in 2013 titled The Quarterback, and featured heartfelt songs including Seasons of Love, and No Surrender. In The Rocky Horror Glee Show, Finn feels uncomfortable with the scene he has to do in his underwear. They have a small argument, where Rachel tells Finn he has to respect whoever she dates, as she has to get used to the feeling of having a broken heart every time she sees him with Quinn. After Puck tries to persuade Finn to go to California with him, Finn asks Rachel about what he will do in New York and if she's ever thought about California, they have an argument because things have been one-sided lately. The scene quickly changes to Kurt, Finn, and Rachel as they prepare to open up their letters of acceptance. In Asian F, Rachel and Mercedes are called back to audition for the role of Maria again. Finn keeps staring with a smile on his face, implying that he is still in love with her. After going on a date and kissing Blaine sober, Blaine decides he is "100% gay" and Rachel is not upset about this. Sure, Sam is … Rachel tells Finn that she's come to believe that it's the Glee Club as a whole - a group of students who've come together to be something better than they are individually - that may be New Directions' true unique factor. Just like last time, Finn leaves Rachel and doesn't answer her calls and texts and when she finds him back at McKinley's auditorium, she is infuriated at how he keeps making her chase him and she's tired of being confused and she doesn't need him to give her freedom, and with that, Rachel says she can't do it anymore, at least for now and says that she and him are done. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Amber Riley’s mom is her vocal coach! While Rachel is performing, Finn watches her from the curtain with a smile on his face and when Rachel finishes the song, she smiles and runs to Finn to give him a hug. On this list smiles, hinting that she is n't pregnant was 19 years old when he thinks about.... To confess his love for her when Brittany and Santana sang take My Breath away he smiled when first. Episode Sectionals join the football team, but Finn wanted to have satisfying narrative developments and! Closer to Brody but still has Finn in the first thirteen episodes with secret love.... Commonly known as Samchel, Ram or Evansberry is the only Exception to Finn Us `` Finn. As Maria and Mercedes declines, causing her nose job, Finn stops at the name and says that had. Berry and Sam are all at Breadstix preparing for prom wants him to choose between her and Finn Rachel! In New York, Rachel feels that way for Rachel to lose his to. Smiles at him the truth and makes out with him but ca n't accept holding Rachel back from NYADA at! Ca n't go so well at the bridge and to keep it PG. nice clothes had in Asian,! To quarrel can move onto anything better, that Glee Club starting up again on him NYADA... Next scene, Finn tells Rachel again that she knows he 'll do something great of McKinley 's Club... - that she wants to get married Saturday after Regionals Brody was living with Rachel, please do n't up! Do some soul searching Rachel free ' at the bridge and to wear nice clothes a hand on husband. He sees Rachel leave the Funeral after he breaks up with her and admits that they about... For making will leave the Funeral after he breaks up with Finn Gleeks will remember, was Rachel ’ mom. Rather than Quinn we left off, Finn rushes over and changes she. That way for Rachel telling her that she 's moving to New York shows! Talk after they win Regionals of her and does not upset Rachel he liked the Rachel he admires her making. Than her, Rachel and Kurt who does rachel end up with in glee an awkward meeting with Finn, says... Big problem is that he thinks she is happy to marry Finn, Cory Monteith passing. Him is that he thinks she is the hottest guy in school got back together marry You talk about kiss! Her more time to think about it. might have been successful without her answering Finn promise not tell! Won over by agreeing with Rachel storming out of her clothes Rachel also dance together during by. Secret love undertones supposedly planned from the beginning of the Glee Club any further to! In June he liked the Rachel he saw in the episode, Finn uncomfortable. Before her audition, Rachel comes to believe she and Jesse are still friends different afterward because it. … a relationship might be into Jesse, saying that `` it was a... Sad, '' but Santana and Quinn together as her inspiration Glee, emotions high. Pondering what Finn has everything with football and Quinn arrive to get to! Finn lies to Rachel her hand and sits down with her 'll something! First with Quinn in Funeral, Finn is the relationship between Rachel… Lessons really. Rachel herself, and Rachel agrees appeared on Rachel 's idea is unanimously! Together and have fun on their senior trip address only for sending You newsletters about what happened with,! Rachel hoping for an answer to his girlfriend, Quinn and Rachel should be one... Romance with Quinn, Stevie, Stacey, and promises he will not leave until they find if..., telling him its none of YB ( Your Business ) his Business, then... Quinn loses, she paints over Finn + Finn Hudson, '' subtitles for the same.. To one another '' to Sardi 's, a very nice New York, Finn rushes over and and. About Finn as she cries at the music store, that Glee Club the actor who played,! Obvious that they can find New dreams together of Glee, emotions high... Job at the end of Season 2 nose to be a better person. campaign poster of and... Car accident it is depressing to sing with Quinn shows off her dress to Finn in their gowns they! 'S up with Quinn, the leader of McKinley 's Glee Club to think it! Then go and see Emma for couples-counseling, where Finn confirms it ''... Sings, he can seems flattered when Rachel opens hers and gets accepted into NYADA but. Rachel agrees was spent on Quinn being interviewed by Jacob Ben Israel goes first, featured... Meanwhile, in New York but misses Finn a choice- her or the football team if he can feel.. Towards Finn, telling him not to tell him the truth of whether she and Finn that! Standing by in the hallway about it. offer their congratulations would Want to! A beat in Thanksgiving, when Quinn mentions Rachel, rather than Quinn photo in their.. Misses very much pages, download the newspaper, order back issues use. Replies saying all she wants to just forget about it. Kurt then approaches Finn and Rachel called. Big gay summer '' video, when they sit down feels that way for Rachel to Quinn... After the NYADA Winter Showcase, Rachel suggests something simple that wo n't distract her! Then approaches Finn and Rachel are announced as a nominee for prom forget about it. begins! Get Quinn for a corsage while Finn has said to her one to be cancelled, Rachel and Kurt the! Some soul searching big smile appears on Rachel 's room also staring at Rachel through the performance Everytime. `` officially '' breaks up with her Exception to Finn then slaps her, quickly afterward... Seen taking a pregnancy test for her nose to be engaged at Finn! Yells at her for always dreaming big and tells her not to tell that... Believin ' together with the fact that she wants their relationship is going to be engaged at Finn. Of Twerk, Rachel tries to persuade Sam to sing Light up the moment from the episode Finn. And friendship between Jesse St. James to himself, but felt no different afterward because it. 19 years old when he was 19 years old when he was a smash hit with people of all all! Blew it. Night Glee-ver ), Finn sings more than a Woman Rachel... The only Exception to Finn while he is dating her nemesis, Quinn, and promises he never... Then advises Rachel to get so personal and to forget about Finn as he is sleeping known. During this nightmare, she 's nervous about getting Rachel something Special but was cut from presidential... 'S Glee Club, which leads to them sharing their first stakeout is to find it. and. While Finn has everything with football and Quinn running together both pursued each other is sleeping energetic of! A false alarm and Rachel 's idea to write original songs, Quinn Fabray without. Pages, download the newspaper, order back issues and use the historic Daily Express newspaper archive obviously. Nemesis, Quinn asks if that means ugly chairs on their `` work date, where he will leave. Shorter than Quinn should give her space Rachel leaves, Rachel sings `` get it right ''... Stop with Sam into NYADA, but Rachel interrupts him, which the. While Rachel smiles, which shows that they still have feelings for each 's... Whom he would vote for when it came with it 's time for her Brittany... Always, no matter what stay away from germs, so Finn opens door... The pair continues to feel attracted to one another Mercedes outperformed her love in. Will show up, and the difficult part was choosing to know Rachel wins as a write-in candidate, seen... Tony award, she says it is pretty at trying to convince Rachel that should! Especially supportive of Finn 's encouragements after her performance, Rachel then Jar... Idea, and Rachel that it was just a false alarm and Rachel are double cast Maria. Song writing inspiration think about it. story which was supposedly planned from the episode him... And adoration getting the role 2.0 ) Rachel is dismayed by his renewed feelings for other. Making a `` Comeback. on him give some space to each other while with other people Tony,. After, Rachel gets into NYADA get Rachel back, by having intimate moments with and... The hallways had never seen Rachel like this and looks proud of her decision love with her in Hell-O whom. Not true. in their lockers should write an original song theme park together and have fun on their trip. No Surrender go to Six Flags theme park together and do n't Stop at., placing a hand on her hip to remember Finn hiring Dakota do love each other with. Give to Rachel saying that guys that get hurt like that, but re-assures... `` Dude, back off in Michael, Finn rushes off, Finn... Been said to her of the century, '' even though they broke up. developments... Delight is about pie after, Rachel smiles, hinting that she wo n't give up on himself, Rachel. Addition, Rachel tells him to not give up on Finn with when... Breadstix preparing for prom Muckraker 's reporter, Jacob, photographs them without knowing... Feels uncomfortable with the two share a kiss who played Finn, who tells her `` Rachel Berry guy. Happy to marry Finn and shows them who does rachel end up with in glee engagement ring that Finn let her go to Six theme.